Fireplace 081212 We’re blessed to live in northeast Florida where even in winter, no more than two layers of clothes are needed. We’re enjoying warm afternoons and pleasantly cool evenings, some of which are cool enough to warrant loading up the fireplace with some Blackjack oak and lighting it up!

THE METHOD WRITERS and SNOWBIRD CHRISTMAS are the two 2012 books that are still available for sale. All Crime Scene collections are sold out and MIRACLE BOY will see a new launch in 2013 by Isiah Grayer, Jr.  I hope you’ll check out all these titles if you don’t own them already! We’ve had great response on them all.

Nancy Haddock (LaVida Vampire Series) and I shared the stage at the January FWA meeting here in St. Augustine and had a blast. We had more than 50 guests and they asked some terrific questions. As usual, sharing information about how to be a successful author is always lots of fun.

On-Target Words  is going full guns these days since we’ve added book-coaching services and e-newsletter production to our list of services. We’re of course, still doing media kits and press releases, and even custom publishing. Check us out at

I hope you are as excited as I am about 2013 and writing. Please check out my blog and subscribe for the updates on writing opportunities and encouragement. Faith, Hope and Grace is designed just for you.

Wishing you only great things, keep writing and reading, my friends!

Nancy Q.